Based on the little island of Bahrain, Saleh Nass’s filmmaking career is anything but small. With an impressive body of work spanning over a decade, mainly as a director, writer and editor, Saleh has credits on thirty-two films. These range from shorts, music videos, and everything in between, all the way to full-feature length pictures. Most notably, having edited Bahrain’s first feature length film in nine years (the critically acclaimed ‘The Sleeping Tree’).

The award winning filmmaker’s work can be characterised by it’s realism that often seeks to create an accurate portrayal of Arab life, whilst still resonating with a mass audience. As well as his atmospheric cinematography and rich storytelling style editing that shows rather than tells. A style that shines brightly in all of his work, Saleh Nass is currently writing ‘Days of Grace’, his next full-length feature thriller set in the middle of the Syrian refugee crisis. The story was inspired by Saleh’s short stay in Beirut (Lebanon), in which he was exposed to the unsettling reality of life on the ground for refugees in the city.

Picking up a camcorder when he was still in school, Saleh could always be found writing, illustrating and directing his own films, even as a young child. This lead the young aspiring director to move overseas to the UK, where he studied Television Production at Bournemouth University. Upon graduating he directed three short films in the UK and worked within the post-production sector in London’s West End. Saleh eventually relocated to Bahrain and co-founded ‘Elements Productions’, which in addition to juggling client videos, have since released three film titles. Two of which were shorts, as well as a highly-rated documentary about Bahraini singer-songwriter, Ala Ghawas. Back on the film making scene, Saleh created the short film ‘Game’, under the guidance of Palm D'Or (Cannes Film Festival) winner,  Abbas Kiarostami. Subsequently, he released the shorts ‘Central Market’ and ‘PickUp’, which were each selected for over fifty film festivals including the Tampere Film Festival (Finland), Slamdance Film Festival (USA) , Montreal World Film Festival (Canada) and TIFF Kids in Toronto, Canada. 

No stranger to hard work, it hasn’t been an easy climb, for the highly-developed filmmaker to get where he’s at now. Noting the challenges of continuing to make films in a country with little cinema output, that still resonates with a global audience, this hasn’t stopped him from finding an abundance of success in the film industry and beyond. Saleh has worked with iconic brands such as Red Bull, British music artist Sami Yusuf and the C1 Foundation for Religious Dialogue. With an array of projects to his name, Saleh Nass is a versatile filmmaker and all round innovative artist.